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Bei Polycote glauben wir fest daran den Erfolg unseres Unternehmens zu nutzen und der Gesellschaft durch verschiedene Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen die wir unterstützen, etwas zurück zu geben. Regelmäßig spenden wir unsere Zeit, Geld, Produkte und Dienstleistungen um gemeinnützigen Organisationen zu helfen, ihre Ziele zu erreichen. Wir haben unsere professionellen Instandhaltungsprodukte und Kompetenz genutzt um zu unterstützen - In den letzten 20 Jahren wurden sie für zahlreiche würdige Projekte verwendet.

Wenn Sie diese Seiten hilfreich und eine der genannten Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen Ihre eigene Unterstützung hinzufügen möchten, informieren Sie uns bitte und wir werden gerne Ihre Daten (in Vertrauen), an die gewählte Personen/Organisation weitergeben.



Als einer der führenden britischen Kinderhilfsorganisationen arbeitet Barnardo's jedes Jahr direkt mit mehr als 200.000 Kindern, Jugendlichen und ihre Familien. Sie führen über 900 wichtige Dienste in ganz Großbritannien, unter aderem Beratung für missbrauchte Kinder, Förderung und Adoption, Berufsbildung und Aufnahmegruppen für Personen mit Behinderungen.

Jeder Barnardo's Service ist anders, aber jede glaubt an das Potential in jedem Kind und Jugendlichen, egal wer sie sind, was sie getan haben oder was sie durchgemacht haben. Polycote unterstützt gerne seit vielen Jahren diese sehr lobenswerte Nächstenliebe. Eine Möglichkeit dies zu erreichen ist: Produkte für sie zum Verkauf im ganzen Land, in verschiedenen Filialien zur Verfügung zu stellen. So können wir Barnado's unterstützen Mittel zur Betreuung für gefährdete Kinder und Jugendliche zu liefern.

Email an Steve Britchford, Senior Chef, Polycote UK – 14 Januar 2014

"Ich würde gerne meinen größten Dank an Polycote aussprechen on behalf of Barnardo’s and the GIK team for your continued support to donate us with end of lines, unwanted stock and seconds, These products provide us with stock that can easily be sold on through our business network. These sales provide the Charity with a huge amount of revenue (most of which is entirely profit) and is used to provide comfort and benefit to thousands of children!"Kind regards, Sarah Hanif, Barnados

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)


The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. They provide, on call, a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service around the UK and Ireland, and a seasonal lifeguard service.

With their lifeboats, lifeguards, safety advice and flood rescue, they are committed to saving lives. Support for the RNLI means that lifeboat crews can reunite the 22 people they rescue each day with their families.

Polycote have been pleased to support this incredible charity in many ways over the last 20 years, not only by the ‘normal’ financial giving but also by way of products such as floor coatings and even labour to apply. We have included a copy of the Institutions home page as we would like to encourage everyone to have a look and see how you too could help in some way or other…

Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance (WNAA) – Coventry, 2012


WNAA is a charitable organisation serving the Warwick area and beyond, and has saved numerous lives since it was established in 2003.

WNAA has the fastest and busiest helicopter in the UK. The helicopter provided by this charitable organisation carries a senior doctor or consultant as well as paramedics to the accident, which means that they are able to start life-saving medical care and medication at the scene of the accident. WNAA responds to an average of 110 emergencies per month, in the Warwick area. Each mission costs £850. This local charitable organisation needs the local population to donate over £1.4million each year to provide this much needed service to the Warwick area.

In conjunction with another supporting local business, Polycote was pleased to offer their time and professional skills to resurface WNAA’s damaged Helipad, which was out of service due to its poor condition.

Speaking about why his firm decided to help the Charity out, Neil Humphris, UK Sales Manager for Polycote UK, said: "We were delighted to help out Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance. The crew work tirelessly to save countless lives in our local community, so this was our way of giving something back."

Jonathan Tuley, WNAA Pilot, said: "It makes such a difference having a proper helipad to land on, especially with winter coming up. One of the biggest advantages of the resurfaced helipad is that it is actually closer to the airbase, which means it takes us less time to get there – ultimately meaning we can get our lifesaving pre-hospital care to the scene of an accident even quicker."

Other ‘Lesser Known’ Charities We Support

Bible and Gospel Trust


Established 1932 as a Charity, the Bible and Gospel Trust is a non profit-making, publishing house, printing and distributing Christian literature and Bibles throughout the world. With its headquarters in Royal Borough of Kingston, London, England, there are further stockists in no less than a further eighteen countries.

The Trust’s aim is to provide for the increase and improvement of Christian knowledge and the spread of the gospel. To this end, over two million gospel tracts (leaflets) are printed each year.

Central Hardship and Relief Trust


The Central Hardship and Relief Trust makes grants to both individuals and organisations for many and varied charitable purposes including;

  1. the prevention or relief of poverty and famine
  2. the relief from physical disabilities
  3. religious activities
  4. accommodation and housing
  5. overseas Aid
  6. the advancement of health and/or the saving of lives
  7. provision of finance for specific needs of children / young persons in need
  8. provision of finance for the disabled / elderly persons with specified and/or dire need
  9. education and training
  10. the support of other charities and voluntary bodies.

Focus School - Biggleswade Campus, Focus School - Dunstable Campus

Focus Learning Trust is a registered UK charity established in 2003 for the advancement of education. The purpose of the Trust is to provide leadership and support to Focus schools, a group of affiliated independent schools registered as Schools with a Religious Character.

It’s General Goals and Mission Statement Objectives include:

  1. The enhancement of children’s learning
  2. Providing high quality learning programmes matched to the needs of individual students and aimed at promoting their full participation in society
  3. Have content that is clearly linked to students' needs and interests
  4. Identify and assess students with special educational needs and apply appropriate teaching strategies

The Grace Trust


The Grace Trust was formed in 1968 and the charity’s objectives include;

  • Humanitarian aid and assistance in connection with worldwide natural disasters
  • The support of education across Europe where based on a Christian Ethos
  • Alleviation of poverty
  • Support of medical research & assisting other charities dealing with the care of the aged, ill and disabled
  • Assisting organisations which provide life-saving services which are not supported by Government funding

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